The Freely Disturbed

The series – The Freely disturbed – is a societal critique to the process of categorization where difference is mostly addressed negatively.

It is to hold a mirror to the self. To bring awareness about the different layers of one identity, but when one is ascribed to one sole characteristic the concept of identity becomes hollow. It is as if the person fades, non-existent but reduced to a category. This picture critizes the prejudices that dominate one’s vision. A stereotype tells more about the person using it then the person it is projected upon. It is important to be aware about these processes, to hold up a mirror, as it were.

Mirrored Existence
To break through stereotypes and expectations of society is to let go of the weight that holds you down. To life the alternative reality. In the end it is about to be freely disturbed. Where difference is addressed in a positive manner.

When reduced to the naked body, we are all in se the same. Even the shadows we live in become distorted. To be freely disturbed is a means to break out of prescribed roles. To return to the freedom of the nakedness and to know we all are the same at the base of life and different in mind. It is the latter that should be celebrated and approached in a positive manner.

Distorted Realities

Distorted views of the Self
These self-portraits represent the distorted realities, caused by society’s expectations, through which we see ourselves.