Eye of Society

The eye is the window of the soul and represents each person’s individual worldview. It stands for a certain form of universality, but in contrast to this also the individuality that each person carries within. Eye of Society portrays the diversity in Ghent in an alternative way. The artwork challenges stereotypes, it is the deconstruction of the body, to the singularity of the eye. The eye is naked and hardly susceptible to prejudice, so it tries to question perspectives and stimulate togetherness.

An eye tells a story without using words, it says everything and nothing. Who is the refugee and who is the doctor? Who is immigrant and who is politician? The eyes’ gaze is directed toward a unified point. They look towards a common future regardless of nature, culture or origin hidden behind the eye. The idea for this artwork originated under my stage name Idipsum, translated from Latin as, together/complete. This is what I also want to achieve with this artwork: Solidarity!

This project will be exhibited at the Lichfestival Ghent on November 10-14. This will be in the form of an installation, consisting of videoprojections on bulbs made out of glass, creating a dimensional effect.