Eye of Society.
This is a work in progress. Right now I am photographing my way through Ghent to get a chance to contain the superdiversity this interesting city entails. This project will be exhibitioned at Lichtfestival 2021 in Ghent, to be found at the corner of the Beestenmarkt, on November 10-14. Interested in what this entails? Take a look in my portfolio.


In November 2019, I got the chance to create a wonderful project, which was the start of the project ‘Eye of Society. Thanks to the wonderful people at Tumult, Nerdlab, GentGlas and my dear friend Sara De Graeve, I got to experience a new way of creating. This was the base of what I am now working on and which grew out to be ‘Eye of Society’, an artwork that displays the superdiversity in Ghent. It’s goal is to bring awareness, equality and solidarity.

November 2019

Photography for me is a way to connect with people and to overcome difficult matters by understanding one another. During my education, I believe there was a lack of focus on the reconstruction processes, solutions and practicalities for many problems. A lot of attention was paid to the intersectionality of problems, their causes and effects, but almost never a practical solution to better the situation. Therefore I started to look for what I, individually could do, to make a change, have an impact. This is where photography came in the picture. I found it to be a way through which I can express myself. It enables me to form a societal critique and maybe to make (a little) impact on those who are interested in my photos.

November 2017