About Idipsum

: Latin adverb for ‘Together | Complete’. This name was inspired by the expression ‘Idipsum Sapere‘, which means: ‘To be one of mind’. This is what I try to achieve with my pictures, to disturb the comforted, to create new insights and in the end to unify. To bring people together. Completely.

During my life, I have been intrigued by the different perspectives people can have on things, on life, on the world. Over the years I have learned – and I am still learning – to master this art of observation. I started my studies by immersing myself in the insights of Political sciences and completed my education with the master Conflict & Development. This inspired me to use photography as a means of bringing people together, to look at the world, at one another from a different perspective. To combine insights to bring a better understanding of each other. To become ‘one of mind’ and bring more solidarity.