A Common Horizon

Together we stand strong. Not only in the feminist fight but in all fights!

To change the system, is to act together. The female strike is important but this can be more powerful when everyone acts together. The local and the global constitute each other, without minimizing each unique differences. Unified people are stronger than any inequality is.

In Chile 2019, the corrupt patriarchal system was targeted by a simple but powerful song that rose from the local feminist movement and attained a global impact. As such it became an international female anthem. All over the world, women supported each other, even though their situation differed in each country.

The pictures are in black and white which refers to equality as a contrast to the social inequalities that are present in our current society.The black blindfold is a symbolic reference to the women in Chile and all over the world, to show that we all stand together in this fight. The blindfold’s function is to criticize the often invisible ways, institutions facilitate (gender-based) violence and the blind eye that is turned to these corrupt practices. $

Lastly it stands as a critique on the naturalities ascribed to women. The most obvious one is anticonceptiva, hence the pink pill. This project is at the start of its journey. Due to covid-19, I did not have the opportunity to immediately gather many people at once. Therefore I photographed my closests friends and hopefully many can follow so that a powerful critique is presented.